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Byblos Restaurant and Hookah Bar

In the summer of 2010, while trying to save my now none existent marriage, my ex and I stumbled upon this hookah lounge in Providence, RI called Byblos. It’s on a side street in the shopping district of Providence. 

Neither one of us smoke but we sure do love Lebanese food. We decided to check it out.

We were greeted by the owner/chef, who informed us of the special lunch/hookah deal of the day. After we finished our meal and hookah and saw the bill, we found that it wasn’t all that special of a deal at all but it was a nice day.

We started our meal with a couple of appetizers, I had the hummus plate and he had the grape leaves. For our main meal I had this delicious chicken panini which consisted of  chicken marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, za’atar and then slowly grilled to tender juicy perfection, lettuce, feta  and this magnificent garlic spread. Then the whole thing is pressed on a panini maker and served with a small mixed greens salad tossed with lemon juice, olive oil and za’atar. He had the fattoush. A hearty helping of mixed lettuce, cucumbers, tomotoes,  red onions, feta and olives and tossed with the traditional lemon juice, olive oil and za’atar dressing. 

After lunch we were given a menu of the different flavors of hookah tobacco to choose from, the list had close to fifty different choices ranging from bubblegum to orange to mint. We opted for the blueberry since I love blueberries and he wanted to make me happy. The owner brings over this hookah with one pipe, and all the needed accessories to provide us with an enjoyable smoking experience. He set it up on our table and explained every step in setting it up and then showed us how to properly use the pipe. We were each provided with a mouthpiece and told that after taking a hit you then place the one part of the hose over the other and then pass it to the next person, its a sign of respect. We then spend the next hour and a half to two hours smoking our blueberry hookah and really relaxing. 

Now I would definitely recommend this place to anyone 18+ (no one under 18 allowed). Just beware of a couple of things, it is not cheap by any means. Hookahs are roughly 20 bucks to start but be prepared to spend more on just one. Plus if you have more than two people they recommend more than one hookah because they only have hookahs with one pipe. This makes sharing difficult and timely unless you don’t care about that. 

It is a great place with a wonderful atmosphere, yummy food and great people. So if you find yourself in Providence, RI and looking for fun, check them out. they are also on facebook and twitter. 

Happy Eating!! Get your smoke on 🙂


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First Easton Food Experience Aug 2010


Being a self proclaimed foodie I try to find local joints worthy of my taste-buds. So a month ago while visiting PA I was introduced to this fantastic B-L-D place called Angelos in downtown Easton. Now granted I’ve been there twice now and only for breakfast I feel confident in saying two thumbs up!! Not only does the little place serve a fast delicious meal the service is feisty, just what I expect from a very locale oriented, classier hole in the wall joint.

Items consumed:

3 eggs “up”, fried taters, wheat toast and the best coffee

3 egg spinach feta omelette, homemade grits, white toast and of course coffee  


Now we venture on to Pinos. After hearing what would you like for dinner? Cheese steaks are really good at Pinos, so what do you want, here are some take out menus, if you want cheese steaks we can go with Pinos, they are really good, now I’m taking the hint, I think we are doing cheese steaks from Pinos tonight.

Now I’m not a huge carnivore to begin with and my least favorite is red meat. I will admit sometimes I crave Spanish pot roast or beef stew but…not often. So I decide what the heck, last time you tried and admittedly liked Crab Rangoon, not a fan of seafood yet, let’s try this cheese steak. So we order, I get a large, saving half for return home trip today, I get sweet peppers and onions and red sauce and a side of perogies which I love!! This is a must have when visiting Easton!! The cheese steak was amazing, very very thin shaved steak, onions and peppers cooked but still with a slight crunch which in my book is the way veggies should be, the cheese, not sure what kind but yummy all the same, melted on the bread and a wonderful complimentary red sauce on top. Can’t wait to go back!!


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