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Ode To Ritas

It truly is Ice- Custard- Happiness. 

Before I lived here in PA I lived in CT. The only Ritas in my area came in maybe 5 years ago. Now if you aren’t familiar with CT then maybe this will sound a bit weird to you but this is very true in the area I grew up in. New London County. Gold Star Bridge. We don’t cross unless it’s a must. At least if you live on the Groton side. Which I did. In the winter you avoided it like the plague and in the summer traffic too. For most of us we didn’t cross it unless we needed to go to the mall or other various big name stores. The whole area was always a traffic nightmare at all times. 

So back to Ritas. Where do you think they put this Ritas? Right smack dab in gun shoot central New London. On a main road yes but in a bad part of town and of course over the bridge. 

Sadly I never went there. Ever. I’d drive past and say oh, they are actually open, but traffic is to bad to get in and out of the lot, oh well, maybe next time. Next time I wouldn’t even think about it and cruise right on by. Then I’d see it in their off time and say oh, well I guess they didn’t make it because they are closed. Little did we know that they reopen in the spring. 

Well I move to PA. I have been here for almost 2 years.  Ritas are everywhere. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I actually went there. We were going to go on “free ice day” , everybody at my then job walked down on their lunch break to go get one. Sadly I didn’t have cash. So I mention it to my fiance when I get home. He said we should go right after dinner. Ok I thought we might have to wait in a line but it won’t be that bad. Ha, was I wrong. So very, very, wrong. After battling the fact that if we leave our parking space(I live in a city with on street parking only) after 6pm, we will not have one any where near our place when we get back. Yet we decide to venture out. It’s 730pm and we cruise on up to the closest of 2 Ritas. There is no parking for miles and it’s a busy road. The lines are so long we would be lucky to get to the front by closing time. So we drive past and I sadly say I’m tired lets just go home before he even says well lets check out the other one. 

Two months go by and I decide I want to go to Ritas. So off we go. We get there and it’s like heaven. They have roughly 10 different flavors that day and they change them up all the time. First and foremost, I hate cherry flavored anything. It reminds me to much of my child hood cough syrup. Gross. Normally I would go for blue raspberry, my favorite, but I see they have juicy pear, banana, mango and the list goes on. I ask to try the banana. Glad I did. Yuck. I do like banana stuff but it was just weird. So I try the pear and wow, it’s just like juicy pear jelly belly jelly beans. Which is just like eating a real pear. Delish. That’s what I got. A large juicy pear ice. 

The following week we go back and they still have pear so that’s what I get again. A couple of weeks later we go again and they have honeydew. Another favorite flavor of mine. So I try it and yes it is as good as the pear except the flavor fades a bit by the last third. I’m in italian ice heaven. The next time we go  try the blueberry, my favorite fruit. Simply wonderful, not as flavorful as the pea r but still very good. The last time we go they really didn’t have much variety. Chocolate, consistency was strange. Vanilla, tasted fake and way to sweet. They had 2 sugar free ones, not my thing. I think peach and mango but I was not in the mood for either. So I tried sour patch kid. Yum. Got it with chocolate ice cream and wow was that good. 

Can’t wait until I can try cantaloupe, cranberry, watermelon, pineapple, raspberry, root beer and strawberry.

I think the season is just not long enough. Can’t wait till my next Ritas fix.

Until then, Happy Summer “Tr”eating!!



What would yooOOoo do…….


  for a Klondike bar??

While food shopping the other day my hubby decided that he wanted ice cream bars of some sort. He asked me what kind I would like, after putting the regular vanilla ice cream bar covered in chocolate in the cart. I told him I’m not really a fan of ice cream bars, or ice cream in general. I get a craving for it once in a while but not normally. So he said well we can get you something you would like.

Then he saw Klondike bars, on sale. They have like ten flavors, I have a decision making problem. He picks up the mint, we both like mint but I wasn’t in the mood for mint. He looked at me funny, I’m always in the mood for mint, just not today. So he puts them back. He LOVES crunch bars so…he got the krunch ones. He starts naming them off to me, as if I am not looking right at them. The caramel pretzel ones catch my eye, salty and sweet!! What could be better. Then he said, look they have rocky road. You loved those last year when we got them. Sadly yes I did. Now we have a problem. Too many to choose from and not enough exercise in the world for me to justify what happened next. He went through and all the ones I said yeah they sound good, he put them in the cart. 

Hence the four, count them, FOUR flavors we got. That night he had his krunch and I had the oh so sinful caramel pretzel. 

Ladies, whether or not you are craving, this is for you. A delicious blend of sweet caramel ice cream blanketed by chocolate and covered in salty, crunchy, pretzel pieces. TO. DIE. FOR.

The rocky road are good as well, chocolate/vanilla ice cream, covered in chocolate and almonds. YUM.

The Reese ones are ok. Not enough peanut butter flavor for me, but I’m sure they will be devoured.

So if you are looking for a cold freezer treat I suggest picking up some of these. Just make sure to have plenty of napkins since I don’t know where you live but here in PA it’s down right hot. 

Happy “Tr”eating!!