I am what I consider to be a “self proclaimed foodie”

What can I say, I love food.

I have traveled the world. It started when I was twelve and had no real food experience. Yes I ate food, cooked food and enjoyed food but it was all low budget meals that we made into feasts. I come from a single parent home, my father died when I was six and left my mother to care for and raise my younger brother and I on a very small income. 

Food was always there but it consisted of canned vegetables unless there was a sale on frozen ones, lower quality meat and the dreaded canned meat. You all know the stuff, deviled ham, chunk chicken, spam. EWWWWW!! 

When I turned twelve and in the summer between 7th and 8th grade I was selected to be a student ambassador for people to people. It’s  a government run program that gives kids the opportunity to travel and learn about the different cultures and lifestyles of other countries. 

That first summer I went to Australia and New Zealand.  The following summer I went to France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium and England.

Most of the time we did not have a choice as to what we wanted to eat. It was a lot of local fair and traditional to the area food. In Australia and NZ I remember coming home after the flight to my mom and grandmother asking me if there was any food I wanted. I said pizza and American ketchup. There was no sugar/salt laden tomato mess. It was tomato sauce, tomato puree, cocktail sauce or similar items. For the record, I now detest ketchup. It is only in my home because my fiancee likes it on fries. 

We were forced to try everything. We did not have to finish the food but if we didn’t we went hungry until the next meal. 

I also spent the whole summer between my junior and senior year of high school in Germany, I was an honorary member of my schools GAAP program. (German American partnership program). With all this traveling under my belt I have made new friends with some lovely food. There are some things that I enjoy that to most people is horribly wrong, such as haggis and Vegemite/Marmite, and a few foods that I will probably never like including  any type of blue cheese and tuna. 

I am now in my thirties and enjoy food more and more everyday. Some I enjoy more than others but it doesn’t mean I am not open to trying new things. 

I have still yet to find my place in this vast universe but as long as there continues to be food I will happily eat my way through it. One bite or mouthful at a time. 


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