To sugar or not to sugar?

18 Jun

If any day can be considered lazy, it was yesterday.

What is more fun then spending the day in and around an in-ground pool, hanging with family and eating food? That was my Sunday.

We packed ourselves, hubby, his daughter and I, into my truck and drove up to the Poconos area to visit his aunt and cousin. The two girls played in the pool while the adults lounged around catching some sun. Next thing I know I’m in the pool in my shorts and sports bra (I don’t have a suit) cause the girls decided it would be fun to splash and squirt water at us. Since I was already wet I figured it was the only thing left to do. 

Soon it was time for lunch. 

It was a feast of grilled sausage with sauce and peppers, hot dogs, beans, tortilla chips and potato salad. For a second I had loss of brain and said yes I would love some potato salad. Forgetting that I am in PA, land of the dreaded sugar induced potato and macaroni salad. 

Don’t get me wrong, if you grew up here or were raised on the sweetened cook out must haves then it is ok but if you are like me, I am from CT, we do not use sugar in our salads.

I made this mistake when I first moved here roughly a year and a half ago. We went grocery shopping and hubby wanted macaroni salad, he went in search of some. He brings back this delicious looking salad with elbow mac, carrots, a bit of green pepper all encased in this velvety looking mayonnaise with a hint of yellow, which is fine by me because it means a touch of mustard. I like that, it adds a nice flavor. We get home, make lunch and he puts a scoop of the salad on my plate, I can’t wait to dig in. I am a carb whore. I put a forkful in my mouth and before I even started to chew I excused myself and spit it out. I tell him I think someone played a mean joke on the maker of the salad, they switched the mayo or salt with sugar. It was horrible. He took a bite and was very much in love with it. He has lived here his whole life. He is used to the sugared salads. GROSS!!! I found out that if something is labeled Amish or Dutch it is sweet, and if it looks shiny it most likely has sugar in it. I now always ask to try some before buying or I read the ingredients first. 

So back to the potato salad for lunch, I put a small fork full to my mouth, hoping and praying it wasn’t overly sugared. Surprise!!! No sugar. I was in heaven. It was almost like my gram used to make. Perfectly cooked potatoes, fresh parsley, celery, a hint of s+p, a tad bit of onion and mayo. Delicious. That made my day. 

Later on we stopped by a good friends parents house, who also happens to be my hubby’s “adopted” parents house. The gang was all there, mom, dad, Mike his wife and kids and his brother. Hubby made it through the house and out to the back yard but before I could make it out the door mom came in and asked if i would like some potato salad. I said yes please, I love your potato salad. It too is not sweet, she uses a  mix of mayo and sour cream, celery, onion and egg. Yum. I was in heaven yet again. 

I love my new family and will gladly eat their unsweetened salads anytime of the year. so when the hubby gets a craving for macaroni or potato salad, unless I taste it first, I buy the the ingredients, and whip up my own, this way there is no sugar. Sometimes he gives me a break and buys a small dish of his salad and jokingly asks me if I’d like a bite, to which he knows my answer. Absolutely no thank you. 

To all of you picnickers, hope you have a wonderful time but if you invite me please, please, please do not add sugar to your salads if you want me to try them. Sugar is for desserts not salad.

Happy Eating!!!!

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