Something So Simple As…

09 Jun

                                                                                                                               Rice Krispie Treats With Swedish Fish!!!

It’s been a long month, I’ve been out of work and my fiance has been working mega overtime. We needed something to relax us.

So here it is, Classic rice krispie treats, our way. We had fun in the kitchen making a pan of these together and even more fun enjoying them with our favorite movies. 

Here’s our recipe for simple happiness:

9c rice krispies

5T butter

14 jumbo marshmallows

24 swedish fish

non stick spray

Spray a large bowl with non stick spray, place rice krispies in the bowl.

Spray your tray* with non stick spray

In a medium to large pan, preferably non stick, (I love my “use all” pan for this)** place the butter, begin to melt over med heat. 

Add marshmallows, I found it best to rip them into 4 pieces each since using the jumbo ones. 

Melt marshmallows and butter together until fully melted.

Pour mixture over rice krispies.

Combine until all krispies are mixed with the marshmallow.

Dump into the prepared tray, smooth out evenly.

 Place four rows of 6 swedish fish. Or however many you want. You may also omit the fish too, they are just fun!!

Wait a bit for it to cool down and firm up, then cut yourself a chunk, sit back, relax and enjoy the simple things of life.

** What the hubby has declared my circulon deep skillet. It was one of two circulon pots I received as a gift from my first marriage. Love the pots, despise the ex.

*I used a 13×9 glass dish and generic spray. I prefer glass over metal for this, not sure why I just do.


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