Leftovers Casserole

08 Jun

This started a few years ago as a “I have to many bits of leftovers then I know what to do with”.

As I looked in my fridge I saw that I had leftover stuffing from Thanksgiving, leftover chunks of cooked chicken breast and a closer look in the freezer revealed a single chicken breast half (there were two of us so one half is not gonna cut it), some gravy and some broccoli florets.

“Well self” I said, ” lets get to layering”.

I took the stuffing and smoothed it out in the bottom of a casserole dish (probably a 9×5)

Next I took the lone breast of chicken and cut it up into bite size chunks. Sauteed it in a tablespoon of olive oil until browned and cooked through. Then I added the rest of the chicken and heated through.

In a small pan I reheated the gravy, you can also use gravy packets (i use two turkey gravy packs) or gravy from the jar if you don’t have gravy on hand.

I then added the broccoli to the chicken to heat it up. The other night I used green beans and cauliflower. It’s what I had and was very yummy. You can use what ever kind of veggies you like. These three are the only ones I have used to date and they are all excellent.

Turn on your oven to 350-375 to preheat.

After mixture is heated add it to the top of the stuffing and spread evenly.

Top this with the gravy, I just pour it over the top in ribbons. You can also add it to the mix and blend in before you top the stuffing with it.

As a totally delicious addition because if you are like me most things are better with CHEESE!!!

I always have cheese in the fridge, it may be cheating cheese (pre shredded) but it’s still cheese.

I top the whole thing with two cups of shredded yellow sharp cheddar.

Cover with tented foil, so the cheese doesn’t stick to it when it melts.

Place in preheated oven for 45mins to an hour. If you want the cheese brown, remove the foil for the last 15mins of cooking.

Finished product. Time to sit down, relax and enjoy a plateful of this fridge cleaner outer.

Happy Eating!!!!

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